13 Free Online Tools For Creating hosting websites [picture]

13 Free Online Tools For Creating hosting websites [picture]

    Today, I list 13 free web applications to help you create and host your website. Using these web applications, you are not necessarily a designer or developer, and you do not need any technical knowledge to create a mutliple type of website. Some of them are flash-based websites, some are static, some can build blogs and photo libraries, some have amazing features and functions, and so on. Well, the list is as follows:


Free Online Tools For Creating hosting websites 

Wix-Create a free website,   free MySpace layout & Flash MySpace layout

Wix-Create a free website, Free MySpace layouts & Flash MySpace layouts


With Wix, you can create a free website or generate a free MySpace layout and Flash MySpace layout. This is a simple, faster and better way to create and design web pages.


Weebly-  Create a free website and free blog



Weebly is the easiest way to create a free website. From a personal professional website, Weebly enables you to spend time on the most valuable part of your website and content. You can build free websites and free blogs.


Google Sites

google sites


Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share web pages. It is powerful enough for the company's local area network and very simple for the home-based website.


Freewebs-  Create a website with photo albums, blogs, videos, forums and more!



For individuals, groups, businesses or small businesses, sharing photos and videos, opening a store, and building a community of members, using this simple tool can create a website in a few minutes.


SynthaSite-free website and hosting  

SynthaSite-Free Website & Hosting


You can use SynthaSite to build a free website. This is indeed a fast and easy website generator, without technical skills, you can build a new website that looks more professional and beautiful.


Viviti-Create a website that is as unique and vibrant as you

Viviti-build a website as unique and dynamic as you


Viviti is the fastest way to create a professional, easy-to-update website with just a few clicks. You can have a powerful and online website in minutes.


Jimdo-Create your free website


It’s really easy to build your own JimdoFree-Page free website. You only need to register, follow the link to your own web page, take a moment to upload pictures, videos and texts, change the interface design, and add many more eye-catching JimdoFree- Page page is fine. So your friends can see your masterpiece of the web.


Tumblr-the easiest way to share



Tumblr can share all text, photos, mottos, links, music and videos in your browser, phone, desktop, email or anywhere.


Webon free website and free hosting



You can use Webon's powerful website creation platform to build a dynamic, fashionable, and advertising-free website. Services where you can embed gadgets, like YouTube  Flickr and slideshows. Developers can even use the OpenSocial standard to extend Webon library plug-ins.


Webnode-Generate a free website and create a free blog



Webnode brings you a new and innovative way to create and edit advanced websites by using a web browser. You can add new content by dragging and dropping on the toolbar, such as polls, forums, articles, directories, tools, such as PayPal, etc.


Edicy-easy to create and edit websitesedicy


Edicy is so easy to use, you can build a website for your business or organization and activate it on the Internet in a few minutes. All online tools are available, and no additional software is needed. Just pick a beautiful design interface, enter text, add pictures, and then publish the site to your own custom URL. It’s that simple.


WebSketch-your website

WebSketch-Your web your way


In WebSketch, when you move a section on your webpage, the others will be automatically removed for you. The end result is a clean, clear layout, which looks good.


Microsoft Office Live Small Business   -website design and hostingWeb site Design and Hosting – Microsoft Office Live Small Business

Microsoft Office Live gives you free web hosting, easy-to-use design tools, and website traffic reports. They not only provide anything you need to be professional on the web, but also provide free, round-the-clock support.

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